Just a dream – 3

Something tickled my nose ceaselessly. I had to sneeze and opened my eyes. Aha – the rays of the morning sun had wakened me touching my face. Again I closed my eyes and lolled snugly. My right hand set off to look for Seli. I didn´t find her next to me so I opened my eyes again. She wasn´t here – no Seli besides me.  Could this be true that I just had got a dream of her?

In the bunks next to me nobody moved yet – all still were sleeping. I just heard the breath of he sleeping ones and nothing else disturbed the sound of silence. So I rose and climbed to the upper deck. The giant ship was floating across the deep blue sea reflecting the rays of the morning sun. Little drops of water reached my face whenever the glider was touching the waves´ top. I turned and let my eyes wander around  – where was Seli? Not a soal on deck – had the dream creator´s imagination played a trick on me?

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