Just a dream – 4

Fa, our ship pilot, waved to me from behind of the contol center. „Hey Raja, why do you look so sad?“, he welcomed me when I entered his castle. “Did it slip your mind? We still are alive! And new great adventures are awaiting us.“ Yeah this was Fa always knowing how to encourage his companions  in any position – even the worst would be yet to come and they would have their backs to the wall.  Fa had got an enviable robust psyche and an unbreakable cheerful nature – but this time he failed with a view to raise a smile on my face. „Think I´ve got a bad dream last night. Tell me where we are now“, distractive I tried to override my frustration. – „We are there where I am, too, sweetheart“, Seli leaped into view and nestled up against me, „and that´s sooo good“. I hugged her caressing. – „Hey Raja, now you are looking much better. I like that. Your eyes are outshining the sun. Where are my sun glasses – you are blinding me“, laughed Fa.

„Thank God! It wasn´t a dream but it´s true my sweet angel. You really are with me“, I whispered to Seli. – „Yes darling. It´s really true. No dream. And so you can take me for granted you will feel this at once“, she teased me. „ Fa told me there´s a little sweet cabin at the quarterdeck waiting for us. It looks so nice. Isn´t that wonderful?“. – „Yeah my enamored twosome“, Fa smiled, „there settle in! You still have got two hours to enjoy yourself. Then we will be there.“ – And Seli abducted me  to her arranged love nest where the magic dragon already was waiting for us. So we entered the dragon´s back and let us carry away – finding ourselves in the kingdom of sensualism and passion.

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