Just a dream – 2

I awoke by starting of the motors. How long I would have slept? I felt that well-known head on my shoulder. But this couldn´t be true – I had left her. She would sink with our continent. That unimaginable pain reached me as hard you never will forget it. However – I thought – I really know this head laying on my shoulder. There was no doubt – I was so slose to each of her body´s cell – so I opened my eyes. Seli was laying besides of me. My heart rejoiced. How could this be true? – Our eyes met. Yeah – she was Seli –  my love in truth. „Murei did change our identities“, she wispered next to my ear, „he joined the silvership-team gliding to the starseas. „Seli“ , he told me,“never forget now you are Murei.You have to do my job now. The others are trusting in you.“

The ship trembled again when the motors were set on full power. We left the sinking continent going east. „God, my mighty allmighty god“, I prayed, „be with all of those we did leave. If a wonder is possible so let it come true“.  And we slid across the sea and my loved Atlantis faded away at the horizon – just like a sinking sun. And the magic dragon I layed above kept on to carry me thru the endless rooms of time.

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