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About us


We – this is me, Wolfgang, and my wife Andrea. I am graphic designer and she is my muse. Our 5 children are meanwhile all adults and have partly own childrens yet.


In our leisure – so there is time for this – we are concerning with music and art – and Boogie Woogie. We love to travel an to camp at the sea. In my younger days yet mathematics had fascinated me – specially it´s irrational naumbers. The infinite in the final. While I was daring the pi-project Andrea shook her head in disbelief – she couldn´t do anything with it. But the further he project advanced the more I needed her inspiration. Without the active support and the sympathy of my muse this blog never would have been developed. For this I thank her very much.


Here´s my song for her

Here´s our song to the father in heaven

And here´s another song by SANTALAMOUR

Here´s a song you you hear playing our whole family


Hoping this blog will reach all clever guys and girls – of each field, each genre and age – recognizing the potential and the spirit of this numeric design of irrational and transcendent numbers. Hoping they will push on this storming project. 

Wolfgang and Andrea