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Pi – the beginning


Early in the morning as I opened my eyes I felt plenty of energy and so I rised to paint. But then I realized that it was much to dark in my wintergarden where I use to paint. Usually I love to paint by sunlight. So I called Bobby the Shelty and we went for a walk. Coming back I saw that it was yet too dark. No painting in sight. „What´s to do now?“ – „Have a look to your mails“ I said to myself. Okay – I went to my PC but I didn´t find any interesting mail. „Haven´t you been interested in numbers – especially in Pi? – Have a look now“ my inner voice called on me. So I googled for Pi – and was astonished to see how many many people are dealing with Pi.  Okay – to me pi is a brilliant number ever been needed when there are to plan and construct circles and balls. A number with probably endless digits between 3.141 and 3.145 – just like the infinite in the final or the soal in the body – just paradoxical. And then I asked myself „is there a chance to show this number meaningful and useful? Can you do this? Is there something to discover nobody has seen yet?“ – Now all my senses got full power cause they know my feeling very very well.  This was the beginning of my Pi-adventure. Yeah this was a really adventure – because it let me discover and find new amazing things and sights of this number on my way of creation.

picture = Bobby the Shelty

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